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My son and I were invited to go hunt in a massive swamp for feral pigs. After working on the details of the hunt, we were chomping at the bit to go. It was decided that due to some of the areas being hard to reach by “regular” boat, that we would use the kayaks to slip along the creeks in search of pigs. These critters are extremely destructive and have leveled entire areas of vegetation in the swamp so control hunts are welcome and needed. The bonus to that is that the feral pig is very good to eat and an absolute blast to hunt. My son Ethan had never gotten a pig before so it was decided that he would be up first for the hunt.

He and our friend Rob saddled up in our Big Tuna and I followed behind in a Cuda 14 as a camera boat and support. After paddling a few miles, a small group of pigs was sighted several hundred yards in front of us. From my vantage point in the chase Cuda, I watched as our friend Rob quietly paddled Ethan into range using the contour of the bank and shadows for cover. It was so neat to watch the entire hunt take place from beginning to end as Rob played cat and mouse with the small group of pigs. A short time after spotting them, my son Ethan was standing beside his first wild pig and grinning from ear to ear.

That will be a memory for a lifetime and I am thankful to have been a part of it. Rob told me that what he did would not have been possible in a regular boat because they had actually crossed several logs that were just inches below the waterline. He was able to communicate with Ethan from the back seat of the Big Tuna and quietly get them where they needed to be. After paddling most of the day, a rustle in the brush on the creek bank gave us notice that there was another pig to chase. Rob was able to paddle Ethan to a good vantage point and after some expert calling, the pig came to investigate. It was such an awesome thing to watch the subtle movements of the Big Tuna as Rob maneuvered it to provide Ethan with a good shot opportunity. In just a few short but tense moments, Rob paddled the Big Tuna up to help Ethan collect his hard earned side of bacon. I know Jackson doesn’t market these boats as a hunting craft but man was it the ticket for these hunts. As a small disclaimer, we were completely legal and safe in our efforts and we know our laws and limits well. Make sure to know your local laws and that you stay safe and legal in your pursuits. This was such an awesome hunt we will be doing it again as soon as we get the time!