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Had a fellow fisherman Brad White reach out for help on rigging a Jackson Cuda 14, and wanted a setup for fishing the local lakes. Turns out Brad lives in the same town, so made it easy to do the install in an evening. After talking to brad and deciding what he wanted, I reached out to a Jackson Star team member Mike Whitacre, as he had already installed the same setup that brad was looking for,

Mike’s setup is using the following:

• Anchor Trolley Kit
o Permanent mount
 On this just keep the install above the seam of the Cuda 14 and keep about 2 – 2.5 feet from each end. This is due to the curvature of the kayak, gets to great if you go to close to the ends.

• Fish Finder
o YakAttack GT90 GearTrac, .90″ Wide, 4″ long, 1 required
 On the gear track make sure to use a backer plate, with bolts, washer’s and nuts for secure hold

o Madfroggear 1 required
 You will need to mount fish finder and transducer to one of the YakAttack rail mounts, as shown in picture.

o Perko Deck Connector, we used 1 you will need 2 if you use a battery box
 You will need to drill a hole through the boat in a location that is convenient to mount a battery. Brad decided to use a bag to hold the battery. The bag is anchored off the stand assist pin strap.
o Black tape
 This is for cleaning up the battery connections
o Wire Ties
 This is to tidy up the cables, Brad put all wires on the madfrogger arm and used the wire ties to clean it up.

The nice part of this setup is the fish finder is removable, makes it easier for loading and unloading, and protects the fish finder.

Brad got all the supplies, and set a time to make the install for the Cuda 14. Did not take a lot of time, came out looking great. Here are some pictures of the install and my new friend Brad. Even managed to get out over the weekend and catch a few fish using the rigging that was just installed.