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“I’m freaking out, dude! Lava is big!” Kayaker A

“I don’t know which way to go?” Kayaker B

“I’m bailing… Going to scout the left side,” Kayaker C

“Which way?” Kayaker B

“Just plug it. Paddle hard lean forward, Grrrl at the wave!” Kayaker D

Why is kayaker D so cool, standing in front Lava Rapid, a rapid considered by many to be the highlight of their paddling career? A rapid so feared, that if any rapid could be a house hold name, this would be it. The quintessential wild water rapid, equally at home in videos and magazine covers.

So, why is kayaker D so Cool? It is not because he is better looking than the other paddlers, which he is. Or that rivers whimper when they see him approaching, which they don’t. It is none of these things; the real reason is that paddler D has a secret weapon. A weapon so great, that Powell might have given his right arm to have had such a craft when doing the “first descent” of the canyon. What is his secret?


As the crew of four paddlers paddle towards Lava Falls on the Grand Canyon, Paddler D calmly stays behind picking up the sweep position. He watches as his comrades’ fall into a line to blue angel the rapid. The first standing wave approaches as he starts to build up momentum. Leaning forward he pulls hard over the top of the first wave, sending his kayak ski jumping into the mad torrent that lies below. The kayaker t’s up on the big signature V-wave and leans forwards as the wave breaks over his head, he is sent down the tube of a VW Bus sized hydraulic and out the other side. Waves crash over his head as he charges into the meat of the final set. Leaning forward he melts through the last VW sized breaking wave and low bracing out the other side with a huge smile on his face. Cool like a boss.

Highlights of the Rogue Ten

 Ample storage. Thanks to the easily removable center pillar and the cargo hatch in the back.

 Highly predictable planning haul.

 Surfs great!

 Quality Jackson outfitting, with wide thigh braces.

 Super stable platform, perfect for taking Photos and fishing.

 Droppable Skeg, makes paddling in flat water a breeze. It also is quite handy for navigating boils and vortexes.

 Solid feel, and handling, paddles like a classic river runner.

 A perfect choice for a do it all kayak.

 Definition of a Cross-Over Kayak.



 Your friends might try making you haul all their gear.