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Its our first time out in the Jackson Kayaks, our first post and our first sliming of the boats here!  After a week of rough weather including winds from the north west up to 10 miles per hour we finally got a break with an epic day for fishing in Punta Mita. First day we get to go out on the new Jackson Fishing Kayaks just myself and Pedro (team member pro guide) on very calm seas, just a short paddle out the buoys right in front of the St. Regis Resort and we were hooking Spanish mackarel within a few minutes of trolling small rapalas heading to the spot. After 3 “Sierras” we kept going to the reefs and after a few casts with the long range rapalas Pedro hooked up this unique fish which took a while to reel in on light tackle with 30lb test line. The fish weighted 23 pounds!