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Just before xmas I loaded up my car with my boats, gear and SUP, and began my journey north for the last event of the year…Xmas @ Kaituna. I had a great drive uo with many beach stops to cool off in the water and keep myself active by stopping at the many beaches along the route for a surf and swim!
I arrived with a few days to train, remember my lines and sus out the play hole. I joined the raft crews to get my laps in and was lucky enough to stumble apon Mari, a freestyle boater from Japan, who I got in some good sessions with.

Saturday before christmas the event began. We all met up in the am at the okere falls store for regitration and briefing, then the racing started with the timetrial race down the river, this was followed by a boatercross down sections of the river, slowly knocking athletes out along the way, then the freestyle to top off the day.

I was stoked to finish up 4th in the timetrial, 4th in the boatercross and 1st in the freestyle!

It was a great event once again! But sadly the next morning I had to begin my voyage back down south (not before getting in another lap ofcourse), leaving behind an incredible river and people!


The drive was all good. I stopped at many beaches again within both islands to test the surf, as well as an important icecream stop in Bulls (they are epic!).

Here’s a clip I made of the event….

Courtney Kerin