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For the last 2 weeks that i have been home paddling around in the karma, i have gotten it on suck creek a few times, bear creek a few times as well. But rock island has been spilling every day since i have been home, and all the in between days i have gotten on the falls and sieve city with it. And it has been awesome, the karma lands super soft so it is so much fun to just boof the falls as hard as you can. But the karma surprised me on how well it does in big water, so after boofing the falls you go another couple hundred feet downstream and your at a big rapid with lots of holes and curlers called sieve city, and i usually get two or three laps on it. Its always a good time to run the falls and sieve city no matter the level. Check out a quick video of a lap on the falls and a lap on sieve city with the Jackson Kayak levator mount and the gopro hero 3.

Check out the quick video and the GOPRO photos


Dane Jackson