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I met Taiga, two years ago when we paddled down the Green River in Utah. Also with us were our friends Leon Somme and Shawna Franklin from Body Boat Blade and Erik Schorr (Taiga’s dad) of Anacortes Kayak Tours.

I recently asked Taiga if he would be interested in doing a review from a kid’s perspective on my Nikki Rekman Sales blog. He thankfully said YES!

1. How long have you been kayaking and how did you get started?

I’ve been kayaking with my parents since I was a baby, but didn’t get into my own boat until two years ago. So I was six. My dad and mom own a kayak company, and so they took me out a lot. I started paddling my own boat when my Dad bought me my Fun1 and encouraged me to try.

2. What is your favourite thing about kayaking?

Riding the waves and getting pummeled! OK, I also like to see cool things that I can’t see from land. I need to learn how to roll though.

3. You paddle the Jackson Fun 1, what do you like about the boat?

It like the way it is shaped, and how it fits me. I am not very big.

4. Your engine, which is your paddle is made by Werner Paddles, what’s the best thing about that paddle for you?

It isn’t very heavy, and I kinda like the way that I can push the water really easy with it. It looks cool too.

5. What is your favourite paddling destination and why?

Tofino! Because there are big waves and I like big waves a lot.

THANKS Taiga, awesome job!!! We will be following your adventures into the future most certainly and are looking forward to having you back as a Guest Blogger. Next time maybe you can do a trip report for us.