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Emery Creek

Emery Creek Jackson Kayak Smax Bros

Emery Creek Crew

Last Spring, Joe Gudger and I trudged up Emery Creek on a scouting mission. Being amazed by the 3/4 mile steep gorge (500 fpm) roughly 2.5 miles upstream from Holly Creek, we knew where we wanted to be next time it rained 3 inches in the Cohutta Wilderness. Luckily that time came just after I had gotten off of hiking the Appalachian Trail for the previous 4 months (except for two weeks for Green and Russell Fork Races) and had plenty of leg strength to get the Super Hero up the trail.

Emery Falls Jackson Kayak

Joe Fires "Crash" aka Emery Falls for the first time

Joe and I kicked off the day with two crashes on Emery Falls or as we called it “Crash.” After crashing, we hiked around the gorge to the top of the 500fpm section and had loads of fun! After hiking/bush wacking in the boat back down to Holly, we enjoyed a few High water Holly laps.

Local Tribute and Whitewater Heroes

After traveling and seeing the majority of the United States via car, kayak, bike, and legs, it is great to be back to the local creeks. This year has been magnificent, but trying. This video was made in memory of Jeff West and Jenna Watson. The last bit of footage I found of these two styling and smiling.


Keep Charging!