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Whenever you say you live in Florida, they automatically think it sunshine, 80 degree weather and Mickey Mouse every day of the year. I always laugh and then I tell them, Jacksonville is barely over the Florida line from Coastal Georgia and yes, we get our version of winter. It may not involve snow, although it did snow here in 1989, but we do get freezing weather.

How does that effect our fishing? S – L – O – W down. Like anywhere else, the fish are less active so you really have to slow your presentation down. It seems to me that our water clarity improves during the winter too. Don’t get me wrong, we will never have the crystal clear waters like southern or eastern Florida because of the St. Johns River but it seems that the silt settles and you can see through the tea colored water a little better.

While I haven’t had many upper slot fish this winter, I’m still enjoying a variety of species in the cold. So, layer up and get out there … the fish are waiting for you!