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JK factory C! outfitting!

I recently received my Zen 55 C1 with Jackson Kayak Factory C1 Outfitting and I love it!!!! It was so easy to outfit the final touches from the factory build that I was able to use it the same day. The boat itself was super fast and comfortable and turned very easily, and the outfitting was very comfortable and only took a few modifications to fit me perfectly.

JK factory outfitting!

Actually, all I had to do was set the knee foam and it was perfect! If you are looking for an easy to work with and adjust C1 set up, please try the JK system…plus you can always put in the kayak system if you want! Awesome for resale! Definetly worth trying if you are interested in C1 without the commitment since it is so easy to change back to K1! Sage


The rest is here:
Zen 55 C1 JK Outfitting!