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Many of you have probably thought of this before, but for some reason I just recently thought to buy my favorite baits online in BULK! If you are like me, there are several baits that are your “go-to” baits that you have confidence in and will throw before anything else. Previously, I have tried to stock up on my favorites when a local retailer had them on sale. From now on, I think I will just buy in bulk from people who have their own molds and make them at home. Now I’m sure the major bait companies have their plastic mixes, salts, and scents down to a scientific art but for the most part, fishing is about having your bait in the right place at the right time, so I think quality “made at home” baits will not alter the way you catch fish.

The watermelon red senko type bait is one of my favorites and I have found that you can buy them in 100 count packs for $22. It will be hard to beat that deal!

Brady Sullivan