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March marks the transition from my hockey helmet to my kayak helmet, from standard time to daylight savings time, from pool and creeking to kayak surfing, and it marks twenty days until my first surf competition at Steamer’s Lane in Santa Cruz, CA. I had a great day recently at Zims Hot Springs with Quinton DiLenge. We worked on fine-tuning our skills in the hot water. Look for our update: Rolling tune up: turning a pool roll into whitewater roll & wet exit safety!

In addition, since my last update, I have focused on my weight to strength ratio through skate skiing and playing hockey. This weekend was my last hockey tournament. Hockey is an amazing cross over sport for kayaking. My lats and core are strong and ready for paddling. This tourney was not only a great workout but also marked with a little time in the penalty box, a break away that ended in a broken stick, and a goal.

I am the lightest and strongest I have been since spring of 2010. Team Trials at NOC are a month and a half way. Being lighter translates to more air on my moves and being stronger means I can do more moves in 45 seconds. I’ll be traveling to train at the Boise Whitewater Park as it is warmer earlier in Boise than up here in the mountains. I’ll also be training in Riggins as soon as the Salmon River reaches 10,000 cfs. Then, Rodeo Hole will be in. April 20th Mike and I will fly to the east coast for Team Trials where Phil Robert will pick us up in his famous “Boof Bus.” I cannot wait.

I’m stoked to be changing my helmet. I am ready to surf. Call me up if you need a paddling partner.
Devon Barker-Hicks