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I joined my JK teammate Brady Sullivan, his brother, and his friend on a trip to The Devil’s River last weekend. This was my first multi-day river trip; I quickly noticed the difference between the rivers that I’ve fished in Louisiana and a river like the Devil’s.

I read a book about rivers before moving to Louisiana that explained how rivers were broken into sections; riffles, runs, and pools.  It was a while before I used any of that knowledge on the Tchefuncte and Tangipahoa rivers in south Louisiana.  These rivers were so deep that I couldn’t grasp the concept without a visual; I didn’t know how to read the land when I first moved because I was used to fishing oceans where there was no land in sight.  It wasn’t until I purchased a depth finder that what I read in the book made sense.



It makes even more sense now that I have experienced the gin clear Devil’s river.  I experienced pools that narrowed into riffles (rapids), and runs.  I hooked into a good fish the last morning of the trip but I didn’t get a good hook set and she spit the hook next to the kayak.

Paddling my Cuda 14 through a couple turns was a bit challenging, but I made it happen.  This river is hard on kayaks because of its large rocks and sharp limestone, but the two Coosas, Cuda 12, and Cuda 14 performed like any kayak made by a company with whitewater roots should – flawless!

Brady planned this trip six weeks before we were to take the adventure and even into the last week the weather looked great. The forecasters began fluctuating rain chances in the last week and predicted high winds.  We were spared the rain but the first night was rough, we all had just a few hours of sleep because the tents were being abused by 30+ mph winds all night.
Fishing was tough the next couple of days because of a cold front that passed through the first night, but we did catch some fish.  Here are a few shots of the better fish we caught: