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This year it seems every time I join forces with the Jackson team members Drew Gregory and Brooks Beatty the wind is a major factor. We have been beaten up in north, south, and east Florida with everything from steady breezes to gale force winds. I wanted to take a second to show a handy tool to have on windy days that people may not always think about for the kayak.

The drift sock can be used to slow your kayak on a windy day or used to control the angle of your drift much like a rudder. It can be rigged off of an anchor trolley or secured to a place that will give the optimum angle for your drift. This will allow you to work bait or a lure in the zone at your pace or angle instead of the conditions dictating it for you.

On this particular model drift sock, it has a float in the upper part of the hoop and a small weight in the bottom to keep it from spinning in the water. There is an opening in the bottom that allows water to escape as you pull it back into the kayak. It takes a few seconds to empty as you raise it out of the water but weighs only a few pounds after it drains.
They are a pretty inexpensive and handy tool to use on those days when a drag chain or anchor is not the best option. Especially while floating large lakes or saltwater bays and flats.