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The Jackson Coosa, aside from being JK’s initial offering to the kayak fishing world, remains the greatest river fishing boat of all time. Drawing on Jackson’s whitewater roots, the Coosa’s loose handling hull design is perfectly tailored for creeks, streams, rivers and any just about any trickle with moving water. The Coosa is the ultimate float and fish vessle giving you stability and instantaneous responsiveness. The main challenge in fishing moving water is maintaining boat positon. Putting yourself in position to fish structure in current is much, much harder than it seems. Fish hold in the pushwater above shoals, in deep cuts, seams, eddy pockets and current breaks within the shoals and cover below shoal water. Getting bit can be a game of inches and a boat not suited for handling rivers often means staring at prime fishing cover from afar, rather than tackling it head on. In the creek I am fishing the bass are holding tight to bank cover out of the swift current. The 5 pound Alabama Spot from this video was holding tight to the bank behind a complex, underwater laydow that other anglers in sharp keeled, long boat could on present a bait at the outside edge of the cover, but my loose hulled Coosa allowed me to spin the nose upstream and fire a bait behind the laydown. I presented the bait at just the right angle and the cagy river fish jumped my spinnerbait instantly. This is a prime examply of why the Jackson Coosa is the ultimate river, creek, and stream fishing boat. That big bass had seen multiple lures banged off the laydown and buzzed by the outer edge, but I was the only paddler who presented a bait a the precise angle that fooled the bass. In a game of inches you need a boat that can put your bait in a precise location within a matter of seconds. In any other boat, I would not be hoisting that trophy spotted bass.