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The Bassmaster Classic is a competition in professional bass fishing The winner of the tournament is widely considered to be the world champion of bass fishing, as is stated on the winner’s trophy and takes home $500,000.00. This year the event was in Tulsa Oklahoma and had 53 anglers. The Bassmaster Classic takes place over three days. Each day is a weigh inf ro the anglers and is held much like a concert, each with their own choice of music and a laser light show. After the second day, the field is brought down to only the 25 anglers, based on total weight, and advance to the third day. The highest total weight after three days wins the competition.

This year a local Dealer OKC Kayak and the shop owner Dave Lindo had a Jackson Kayak booth at the event. Jackson Kayak had also sent in several folks to attend the event, and the crowds where there. Was standing room only at the booth for most of the show. Jackie and I were lucky enough to attend the event and meet a lot of the Jackson Kayak crew. It is amazing how Jackson is always and I mean always thinking out of the box and working on new ideas. What a great group of people. Glad to be part of the team.

Got a chance to get some great photos of some of the Jackson Kayak crew here are a few.