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This was the first tournament of the year for the NTKT (North Texas Kayak Trail), the first event was located on Lake Ray Roberts, just north of Dallas, Texas. Jackie Palovik and myself decided to fish this event, and were in for a surprise with the weather.

The event check in started at 5:00 am and everyone would be cleared to take off to launch at 6:00 am. Jackie and I left the house at 4:00 am to make the event. We had planed for the cold weather (28 degrees) the best we could, but nothing prepares you for that type of cold.

So at 6:00 am we took and went straight to McDonalds, for coffee and breakfast thought that might best the best option in this cold weather. Was amazed that there was several other folks with the same idea.

We finally get out on the water to hit some of our favorite spots, and soon realized they we had to knock ice off the guides of the pole we were using. Was a long cold day but did manage to get several fish, so we headed back to the weigh in.

Was pleseantly surprised that with my 2 fish was able to capture 3rd place in my Jackson Coosa. One of our Jackson STAR team members Jason O’Brien (uses a Cuda 12) captured 2nd place.

Was a cold day but makes is all worth it just to meet everyone and get a chance to catch on kayak fishing. Here are a few pictures of the event.