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When I first got the call from Rolf Kelly about going to Mexico and paddling the Alseseca. I was fired up, there are a few rapids/rivers I really wanted to see in person. Arriving in Mexico City we picked up our rental car and proceeded to head north west to Tlapacoyan. After 10 minutes in the car we realized we might die before we get to the river if we didn’t adjust our driving to the following. There are no rules, the first one to flinch or be rational with fear will be following the one who doesn’t care and or getting run off the road.

Arriving at our destination we went straight to the roadside Alseseca with a German named Julian Schäfer that we had just met. I was super excited. I knew S turn rapid was on this run along with being able to paddle my new Jackson Karma. Hot weather, pretty mountains and friends putting on a river, what could be better?

After the river I was super excited to drive again, I really love no rules driving. We met 2 local paddlers Alberto Rosas and Yair Camacho at dinner and decide to head to big banana section the next day. This day would be my first day in a year paddling a class 5 rapid. We put in at Silencio, about half way down the full big banana run. After looking at this drop and the entrance I decided to run the waterfall. On my scout-the middle and left side looked to be very dangerous so I knew I needed to be right of center. Coming out of the entrance rapid getting shoved left I knew there could be a problem and decided in that split second to boof the 40+ footer as I was going off left of center. After landing I was pushed against the wall and held there. Knowing I was being held against the wall I swam only to get pushed deep and held down for 40 or so seconds. It was close! Letting my friends know I was good we proceeded down stream where I got to run the sweetest rapid named by one of my best friends Eric Seymour. Meatlocker! Oh man, this drop is so rad!

Next day was suppose to be a 120 foot rappel into the abyss. Tomata 2 coming in from upstream and the 7 sisters below. This rappel is actually 130′. I was first on the rope and letting the 120′ rope slide through my atc device 10 feet above the water was a weird and new feeling. Landing in the water in this hostile arena was very cool. Number 3 is a great sister with number 5 being a very angry sister, such a cool place to be.

After some repeats, upper jalacingo, we drove south to the rio Oro on the gulf. After a small hike you get to an amazing crystal blue river cutting it’s way through volcanic rock until it hits the Gulf. This short run has Sugar cane, ticks and a few waterfalls that will leave you smiling. If you get a chance to head south there are plenty of rivers for any abilitiy along with many adventures to be had.

Be safe and see you on the river