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For the second year in a row, I traveled to San Marcos, Texas, to train with the Alberta, Canada Jr. Slalom Team and I had a blast!
If you have never been to San Marcos, it’s worth the trip! The water is spring fred and runs about 72 degrees and the weather is anywhere form the mid 60 to the 80′s in February. The whitewater park consists of 3 features, the top one being the largest wave, followed by a smaller wave, and then a small hole. The water is very clear and full of turtles and other wildlife so it is really fun to paddle around on.

Everyday started with a run to a bunch of park benches where we did a series of pushups and box jumps, then run continued to a park playground where we did wall squats while coach Paul hid, and we had to find him without touching the ground. we then ran to a grassy field where we stretched and did core exercises followed by ultimate frisbee or soccer. When the game was over, we ran back to where we were staying, changed our clothes and went kayaking for our morning session. We also had an afternoon water session every day so we were pretty busy.

The coaches, Paul Manning-Hunter and Mike Holroyd, are really great to work with and made the workouts a lot of fun, and the Canadian kids were awesome! Hopefully they plan on doing this again next year because it is so fun! Please check out the video of 1 day at the park.




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Slalom Training in San Marcos, TX. with the Alberta, Canada, Jr. Slalom Team!