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Well, here in WI!

HA, yup! The Frozen Tundra is still frozen and bringing in the 1st day of Spring with a chill! Averaging in the mid 20’s in the Greater Midwest today, Spring is a interesting sight right now. But the snow is stacking up and the days are getting much longer, which is setting the stage with lots of potential for the Shore Line’s of Lake Superior!

That being said, “Are you Ready!?”

Cabin fever has long past set in and the urge to get on the water is overwhelming but now is the time to make sure your ready for any up coming endeavors. That means being ready both physically and mentally!

Some of the things i’ve found useful over the winter and the years start with a weekly routine. That could be anything from lifting weights, yoga, pilates, crossfit, rock climbing at the gym, anything that really excites you to push physically. I’ve never been one to lift weights altho i do see great benefit from doing so, I’ve just been an avid enthusiast of cross training. Rocking climbing for core and shoulders, mtn. biking for cardio, yoga for flexibility and power. Not only do some of these cross training hobbies physically strengthen the body they also mentally sharpen the mind with invaluable rope and knot knowledge. Climbing also inspires confidence when walking around the river and could someday potentially save your butt if one were to ever wonder into a walled in unrunnable gorge with no way out but up!

Most people have know idea know good they’er body’s are supposed to feel! So do yourself a favor and push your self to take that step into a greater you by “Getting Ready”! Keeping healthy physical which will in turn inspire confidence mentally which will also push your boating goals to that next level and thats something to be excited about!

Happy 1st day of Spring,
John McConville

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