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So, when I took the prototype of the SUPerFISHal to the keys I noticed something about it – its SUPer STABLE!!!  So stable I spent most of my time standing on the cooler on the board. I felt plenty comfortable that high and thought to myself, “I bet I can get a poling platform made for this when I get my production model in.” So, as soon as I got my boards I went to work on this poling platform. I wanted it to be higher than the cooler by a significant amount because otherwise I might as well just be on the cooler, right? I also liked the idea that the platform weighs far less than the cooler and it allows wind to pass through it, rather than hit it which makes for better performance in windier conditions.

I finally got a chance to pick the board and platform up in Columbia, SC, from a guy named Bob who helped me with this project. It turned out great using the existing inserts on the boat, so no drilling into the SUP was necessary. I was passing through Columbia on my way to the Kayak Bass Fishing (KBF) Open and Invitational tournament (more on that later, as the results are announced this week). Upon arrival at the Santee Cooper lakes I immediately had to unload the SUP and get it on the water before boiling anticipation inside of me caused me to explode! I saw fellow team member Stewart Venable and friend Eric Hughes at the ramp and said, “You guys wanna help me get this in the water and check it out?” They said, “Uh, yeah. You really going to stand on that thing?” I said, “We’re about to find out!”

As you can see the platform works really well and, although I wouldn’t recommend everyone use a platform this high, I can say that this 25 inch platform was just fine for me. Now, I just have to start adding rod holders to it, get a longer push pole (which Luther from YakAttack is saying he might can develop!) and make a few tweaks and I’ll be ready to sight fish at a “higher” level! Yes, pun intended!!!

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