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With 2014 in full swing, and the new year with many adventures waiting to come, looking back at 2013 shows just how special it was!

The 2013 kayaking season was definitely one for me to remember and the best I have been a part of in the 10 years I have been kayaking! Numerous competitions, new rivers, and great people made for an amazing time on and off the water. The season was highlighted by making the USA Freestyle kayaking Junior Men’s Team with my best friends Hunter Katich and Bennett Smith in April, and then winning the bronze medal at the 2013 ICF Freestyle World Championships in September. Another highlight was taking a week trip with Dane Jackson, Nick Troutman, and Hunter to Canada for the Stakeout season and Ottawa XL event. I had a great time surfing massive waves and paddling big water!

States Paddled in:
-North Carolina
-Ontario, Canada
-Quebec, Canada

Rivers paddled:
-Boise River
– North Fork Payette
– Locust Fork of the Warrior River
-Short Creek
-Chattahoochee River
-Tallapoosa River
-Mullberry River
-Caney Fork River at Rock Island
-Cane Creek
-Pigeon River
-Nantahala River
-Nantahala Cascades
-Ottawa River
-Truckee River
-Arkansas River at Buena Vista and Salida
-Arkansas River Pine Creek Section

Competition Results:
2nd Place Jr. Men USA Nationals at Pigeon Hole
3rd Place Jr. Men Bronze Medal Freestyle World Championships
3rd Place Jr. Men USA Team Trials
7th Place Men’s Reno River Fest
12th Place overall Ottawa XL
1st Place Jr. Men Buena Vista CKS Paddlefest
8th Place North Fork Championship Expert Division
4th Place Jr. Men Fibark
11th Place Men Freestyle Payette River Games
4th Place Boater Cross/Sprint Payette River Games

Favorite Playspots Paddled in 2013:
Ruins Wave
Kelly’s Whitewater Park
Pigeon River Hole
NOC Hole

Over the summer just after the Payette River Games, I spent five weeks being an assistant teaching with Troy Wilson at the Kelly’s Kayak School at Kelly’s Whitewater Park. The school was taught by Clay Wright, Dane Jackson, and Jason Craig. The school is for all citizens in Valley County, Idaho ages 10-18. It is an amazing school that encourages kids all around to get into the sport kayaking and learn about the advantages and dangers of rivers at one of the best Whitewater parks in the world. It was an amazing five weeks teaching and I want to thank Mark and Kristina Pickard for the opportunity to teach at Kelly’s Academy!

Looking forward to 2014:
-North Fork Championships
– Race Jakes in the Elite division
-Payette River Games
-Going to be bigger and better next year
-Little White Race
-World Cup
-Place top 5 in Junior Mens
-Teaching at Kelly’s Kayak School
-Green Race

2013 was a fantastic year that I will always remember. I want to thank my sponsors Jackson Kayak, NRS, Asana, WRSI, Accent Paddles, Kaenon, and Alpenglow Mountainsport for all of the support. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to do what I love so much. Also the Jackson Family was very generous in taking me in as part of the family for a while allowing me to paddle and practice for numerous events. Dane, Jackson, Ej Jackson, Emily Jackson, Nick Troutman, Hunter Katich, Jason Craig and many more gave me tips on moves and competing that helped tremendously with my paddling. Also huge thanks to Mark and Kristina Pickard for making the PRG’s a great success so close to home and for the support throughout. I appreciate every little bit of the support from the many others this year. 2013 was amazing, and I don’t expect anything less for 2014!