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It has been 60 degrees and sunny in Reno the past couple weeks. I even caught myself in shorts and t-shirt having a little picnic in the park. Life has been pretty good in the land of sunshine and unicorns.

The only HUGE problem – IT’S JANUARY!!! We should have freezing temps and feet of snow in the mountains. We are in a drought. So, what do you do when there is no snow in the mountains and even less water in the rivers. . . SURF!!!

A couple weeks ago a pretty good wind storm came through the Sierra’s with winds between 50-70mph. Noah sent out the Lake Tahoe wave forecast with swells between 3-5ft. Doesn’t seem that big, but when you get the opportunity to kayak surf Lake Tahoe. . . you take it.

Noah and I in our 2013 Jackson Allstar/Star and Toby in his surf boat set out with a kiter and a couple other surfers for an awesome day on the lake. Because it was a wind based swell, the waves were pretty unpredictable. Some waves would steepen up and you could throw blunts off the shoulders, where others were slow rollers. Either way the Star was the perfect boat for all types of wave shapes, and the mountains around Lake Tahoe provided for some pretty epic scenery.

Now. . . How about a snow dance for the west coast!!!
Jessica Yurtinus
Team JK