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Over the past couple of years my love of Kayak Fishing had for the most part been a solo activity. This year my family and I decided to change that by adding a Jackson Kayak Big Tuna to our ever-changing fleet of kayaks. A couple days after making the decision to buy the Big Tuna, my 7-year-old daughter Alyssa and I loaded up the truck and made the short drive to the Jackson Kayak Factory in Sparta, TN.

One of my favorite things to do after purchasing a new kayak, is to pull it into the garage and start thinking about how I’m going to rig it. It didn’t take long for a plan to come together and work to begin.

After figuring out a rigging game plan and getting some things installed it was time for the Big Tuna’s maiden voyage. In my family it has turned into a tradition that at least one of my girls will be in any kayak with me the first time it is on the water, and the Big Tuna was not going to be an exception.

Over the year my girls and I have had a blast creating some of the best Father-Daughter memories in the Big Tuna. We have been able to spend many hours on the water together that would not have been possible without the comfort of the Big Tuna. It is truly the best purchase I have made all year and my favorite kayak. I cant wait to do it again in 2014!

-Nik Brown