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No one thinks of Colorado as a winter paddling destination. But every New Years Day a growing group of very inspired paddlers meets at high noon to paddle on the Colorado River in Glenwood Canyon on the Shoshone section. This tradition has been going on for a long time and its really great to see 40+ paddlers out on the icy water in the winter. This year the air temp was a warm 37 compared to a few years back when the high was 7.

The put in can be just as much fun as the rapids with a huge slide in down the snowy boat ramp making a 90 degree turn and splashing into the river. Setting a new record for kids paddling on New Years day was a large contingent of the Kellogg Show (Dan, Grady, Brody, Kady, Kenny, Dally & Cardy). Cardy is 10 and this was his first time ever down Shoshone, way to go. Curtis Nye also had his two oldest boys along and it was their first time down Shoshone also. Judson (13) stuck a roll in The Wall rapid and Trevor (11) got squirted in Tombstone but recovered perfectly with a fast brace, it was great to see all the pool time really pay off. Marty and Sonya Cronin from JK were in the mix and brought Chili and Hot Chocolate for everyone, this was much appreciated, thanks. A smaller group went up to do a second lap including Ken Hovie on his Super Charger SUP. As the sun went behind the canyon walls and the temperature dropped in the canyon we all packed up with many saying “If you want to do more runs this winter I’d be game”. Kayaking in the cold is not for everyone but this group loves to be on the water. Snow, ice and cold won’t keep them from bringing in 2014 from doing what they love, kayaking!