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Dreams and aspirations go a long way sitting on the couch thinking about fishing. Everything always looks better on paper. Fishing new areas is tough. Google only explains so much, and your mind is left to create the rest. My second time traveling to fish this great tournament based out of pompano beach FL. As an offshore fisherman my whole life in the northern gulf, the atlantic is a completely different animal. Me and Donny set out on our adventure to fish with the best of the best down there. Our first day down, we pre-fished depths varying between 180-250′ of water looking for tuna. We caught a ton of bonitas and only a couple tuna, but i did catch my first tuna ever that day. Big accomplishment and it made the trip worth it.

Tournament day was harsh to me. Lots of lost fish and fatigue really frustrated me and I didn’t land a fish all day. But one of the guys in our group down there ended up taking second place overall and over 3k worth of prizes so it made for an awesome celebration.  With one more day before we headed back, we decided to head farther south to Miami to try our hand at tarpon and snakeheads. We succeeded in both categories. Snakehead fishing was by far my favorite of this trip. It was a great trip down and cant wait to get back and have a better one.