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I’m sure by this time, you have all read at least one post about the Alseseca race in Veracruz, Mexico. And, if you haven’t already bought your ticket for next year, I know you are all considering it!

So, if you’re interested in reading more about the Alseseca Race, please visit our FLUX website: There are great photos and video included in the blog posting.

This year was particularly awesome for me . . . I had just come back from a shoulder injury, I am paddling a boat that I absolutely LOVE and I felt AWESOME!

Here is a little info I want to share with you regarding the Karma as well as a little photo recap of my time down in Mexico. Enjoy.

This year, I was able to paddle the boat I typically use back home ~ the medium Karma. My first day in the boat in Mexico I noticed the seat was all the way back. I figured I’d try this seat position for a few days (since back home my seat is all the way forward). What a totally different experience!!!! The boat was so fastER, rode high over boils and holes and kept it’s speed off of drops. PERFECT for the reason I was there ~ RACING!

Now that I’m back home, I’m playing around with my seat position a little bit to find that perfect spot to perform how I want it too. I encourage all of you to “play around” with your own seat in your boat . . . it truly makes a big difference. Don’t get stuck in the “it came this way” or “so and so told me to put my seat here”. Try ALL the different options and see which ones works for you. It’s a fun process to ‘feel’ how the boat performs in all it’s different positions.

So, here’s to another year in Mexico . . . a boat that I absolutely have a great time paddling . . . friends . . . and more paddling throughout 2014! Can’t wait until next year.