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It’s late Febuary and the weather is warming up here in Georgia. Could this mean we are in for a pre-spawn bite with these Largemouth Bass? I got out on the lake and immediately notice a change in the water temperature. Just within a week the water temperature went from 42 to 57 degrees. The first thing that came to my mind was to fish shallow, hoping these bass has moved up from their winter holes in search for food to get ready for the spawn.

I like to focus on large spawning flats in search for them this time of year. Water clarity usually determines what lure I will be using. If it’s stained, then a vibrating lure like a rattle trap, chatterbait, spinnerbait is a good choice to go with, even in clear water conditions. All this depends on the type of lake you are fishing.

I stayed real shallow (5ft of water and under) looking for a reaction bite. It didn’t take long before I nailed this pretty decent size bass. She was in 2ft of water, just blind casting towards the bank. The same pattern continued throughout the day and the bite was on catching some real good size too! It’s that time of year and if it continues to stay warm, these bass are definitely moving on up.

The first one of the day


Here are some of the ones I caught