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For the last eight weeks the U.K. has been battered by one low pressure after another. Gale force winds and rain. Most of the kayak fishing community has been in lock down and looking at the forums the cabin fever is setting in.


Every trip I have planned has been blown off. I have been looking at increasingly smaller and smaller weather windows but to no effect. Then last week it happened. I had half a day of lighter SW winds and the East Coast was a possibility. The tides were small, there would be no chance of big fish as I would be hugging the coastline in the estuary but at least it was a chance to get out.

On the beach the weather was glorious and the last eight weeks were forgotten. A short paddle to the end of the groyne and then anchor down. The plan was small baits for anything that swims and hopefully get up and running for this year’s species hunt.

It wasn’t long before the bites started and the first fish was on board. It was a new species for me and something I couldn’t identify. I presumed it was a type of rockling but couldn’t find it anywhere. However with a bit of help from the web found out it was an Eelpout. A new species and a great start to the year.






Second fish was also one that eluded me last year a small five bearded rockling. This was followed by a tiny flounder, a baby coalfish and the smallest cod I have ever seen.

Five species in a short session. Nothing over 20cm but sometimes you just have to fish for what is there and it was a great start to the species hunt.

It was great to be back on the water again after such a long break and great to be catching fish. To think my last session was catching big cod, ray and conger and this one was playing in the nursery area. However I enjoyed each trip equally and can’t wait for the next no matter what I am catching…