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Celebrated Saturday February 22nd as my birthday and the maiden paddle of my new Big Rig. While the weather and water conditions were less than perfect the performance of the Jackson Big Rig was. Greeted with muddy, 46 degree water, current and occasional wind gusts, I was optimistic about promise the day held. From the push off (and the support of Bridgett Howard) I felt comfortable with the footing and balance of the kayak.

I was surprised and pleased with the way the boat tracked and with the ease with which I was able to propel the boat. Never once did I feel uncomfortable about the stability of the kayak. Buzzed by big boats, I was encouraged (by Bridgett) to face the wake from the high speed craft. the rods were always handy and also secure, the tackle storage was convenient, the pull up strap and bar offered a confident stand up in all situations but I soon found just standing from the elevated seat position was easily accomplished.

Part of the test for me was casting all types of baits both a full force crankbait launch and a more target specific jig pitch were both easily, accurately done. Super stable, a worthy fishing partner, I see the Jackson Big Rig as ideal for the places I fish and for the species I chase. My smile matched that of the logo character. Way to go Jackson team form concept to completion, the Big Rig is ideal.