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Here in the Carolinas, we’ve had a few scares of warm weather. And without fail, every bass fisherman I know, heads to a body of water somewhere…even if only for a few casts. And it’s because this time of year, on any given cast, there is a chance of setting a hook into, what we like to call megamouth. Well, this particular day had the makings of being great so my buddy Dan “megamouth” Mullane and myself headed out to small lake that has produced some close to state record size fish. We had some cold cloudy days, and then a nice warm sunny day was in the forecast. We know this lake pretty well, and were counting on the sun warming up the shallow rocks and brushpiles enough to pull some fish up on them. And by golly, we nailed it. Now these fish weren’t overly aggressive but if we kept our bait around shallow sunny structure, we got enough bites to have a good time. I’m not sure if it’s best to catch your biggest fish of the day first or last, either way I was more than happy to bring this mossy back mule into the yak.

After catching her first, I knew I could pretty much put every other rod and lure away. I would be flipping a jig all day, and that was what all my fish came off that day. As I mentioned earlier we weren’t slaying left and right, especially battling some 15 mph winds at times, we really had to stay focused on the lure and our positioning. I managed to scrounge up a few more healthy Carolina bass, and after watching me catch the first couple, Dan had enough of it and got in on the action.

After several weeks of harsh cold weather, including snow, freezing rain, and below freezing temperatures, this was a great way to start my spring fishing season.

This little gal was wearing her lipstick.