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I’d recently bought a new boat, the Jackson Cuda 14, and was quite excited to try it out!

Didn’t really have much time to rig it up fancy, so I went out with just a couple rods and hit up San Diego’s South bay. First impressions? I absolutely love this boat! Very stable and quite fast, like my Trident 15. Lots of deck space, and quite the comfy seat! The weather was a bit snotty, and the Cuda did really well in windy weather. Having the rudder especially helped with tracking straight in the wind and chop. ┬áThis boat was meant for covering water, and it helped me get to the fishing grounds, quickly and easily.
I was able to pick up my first ever Bonefish from the south bay! Those suckers are fun little drag burners. Also picked up 20+ spotties in the same session. Good times out there in the new boat. Hoping to take her out in the surf at La Jolla soon.