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Choosing where to fish can be tough sometimes, whether you are going for numbers or quality. These largemouth bass are in a transition this time of year and you can catch some real nice one. The only time I can actually get out to fish is on the weekends, and the parking lot is usually full. One great thing about having a kayak is, I can launch it anywhere without having to fight the lines at the boat ramp.  Getting onto some quality fish does require grinding it out, and this one particular lake has them. You won’t catch numbers in this lake, but I like to call it a one bite type of lake and if you do get a bite, hold on because you are in for a sleigh ride.

I made my way out to this flat that looks real promising with a creek channel adjacent to it. Within a hundred yards or so, there was another boat not too far from me. It didn’t take too long for them to hook up to one and it wasn’t a monster size largemouth, maybe 3 to 4 pounds from what I can see. That whole morning I went on without a bite, I must’ve made a few hundred cast. What am I doing wrong here?

I made a few changes and kept at it. Finally by noon I had one hit and thought, “Here we go, a big one.” My heart started racing and the adrenalines pumping. It felt like a real good one. I have my drag locked down with 20lbs test fluorocarbon line, this fish isn’t going anywhere. Then the unlikely happens, she comes off. That was probably the only bite I’ll get for the day. I reeled in my line to only find some slime all over it. A stinking catfish probably! The only time I’ve ever seen slime on my line is when I’m fishing for catfish. If there’s catfish around then I am definitely in the wrong area.

A few boats passed by and haven’t had much luck either. It started to feel like one of those days where the skunk may have won this battle. I started making my way back to the boat ramp and came back to the same flat where I had fished that morning. I made one cast up on it and saw my line jump. Something had hit it like a freight train.

I reeled in some line and got a good hook set and it was on. This time it was definitely a largemouth bass. I can see the head come out of the water shaking left to right trying to throw my lure. I didn’t give her a chance at all. She went airborne one time and I lowered my rod tip as soon as that happened. I reached behind to grab my net and finally landed her. What a relief it was to finally catch one. Measuring in at 24 inches, it turned out to be a good day after all.

Fishing for hours without a bite can be very discouraging. Sometimes I just want to give up and call it a day. Catching anything like a bream or even a carp at some point starts to sound better than not catching anything at all. Got to keep grinding it out, in hopes that all it takes is one bite. That one bite I was looking for made the trip all worth it. She’s not the giant I’m after but a good one.