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We finally have the production version of the Karma Unlimited!    This is the boat that will make people re-think what a long boat feels like!    Fast, but easy to control, fast, but paddles much like a creek boat, fast, but stable and not-edgy… Did I mention fast?  How fast… this will be the best racing machine to set course records with… that fast.

Here is a short video of it in action today:

But, it isn’t all about speed, not today anyhow.  Today it was about playing on the waves and in the hole at Rock Island.   BIG AIR enders, pirouettes, backenders, attainments, spins on waves, back surfing, and more enders.

I haven’t gotten the production version down anything steep yet, but have paddled the prototype on a good selection of rivers already.   Steep is coming up soon.

Meanwhile- I wanted to make sure you knew what this boat was all about.

1. Fun- fast and forgiving, while it paddles so much like a Karma that your learning curve can be very steep.

2. Bow dry and stable- a very comfortable and predictable fast ride.

3. Easy to maneuver- compared to other boats in its category.

4. Comfortable with a nice ergonomically functional cockpit and the most foot area of this type of boat.

5. Well outfitted with Uni-Shock Bulkhead (important!!) and Sure-loc backband.

6. Top speed and whitewater speed are amazing.

This boat comes in two configurations:

1. Karma Unlimited (unlimited racing and WW kayak)

2. Karma RG (Rock Garden) this is the ocean play and expedition version with a stern hatch, bow and stern rigging, and a skeg.

check them by clicking HERE