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My first fish in my new Jackson Kayak Kilroy was a chunky, Georgia spotted bass. This fine specimen clobbered a Bull Herring swimbait just minutes after launch. I followed her up with another stud, spotted bass which smashed a fast moving soft jerkbait.

I had taken delivery of my Kilroy a few weeks prior and applying that first coat of slime was a top priority. My first paddle was on a windy, postfrontal day with a stout tailwind. The way the boat handled the wind jumped out at me. Despite having high sides, the Kilroy manages a controlled drift, whereas many boats will spin in a crosswind. The horizontal rod tubes also proved to extremely ergonomic and well thought out. Longer rods can be a bit challenging if you have a ton of gear in the back, but my 8 foot Dobyns swimbait rod and 9 foot TFO fly rod fit well.

One of the aspects of hybrid style kayaks is the ability to carry and store gear without careful or creative planning. Sit on tops require a significant investment in gear storage as small or loose items are easily lost. In a hybrid, gear can be stored a bit haphazardly, as is often my style, without fear of losing items.
With my first trip in the books, the Jackson Kayak Kilroy has vaulted into the number one spot on my favorite kayak list. My primary preference is always the SUPerFISHal, but in cold water or long paddle situations, the Kilroy is my new go-to kayak.