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A few of us on the fishing team have adopted the Kilroy as our Inland Bass Yak. This yak won us over because of its lighter weight, speed, stability, comfort and fishability. The lack of scuppers makes this boat glide through the water smoother than its 12′ sit-on-top counterpart the Cuda 12, and because of the low center of gravity it is significantly easier to stand in. Even so, we wanted more. We love the new Casting brace  that comes standard on the Big Rig and we wanted to see if we could adapt something like this to our Kilroys. So Bam took the tape to it only to find out that the dimensions for the stand up bar would work perfectly on the Kilroy. So we started taking apart a Big Rig we had in stock and adapting it to Bam’s Kilroy. The extra point of contact that the bar makes when it meets your hips creates even more stability, as well as making it easier to stand up. The front pieces mount to the flat part of the deck in front of the dashboard cover, and the rear supports were easily adapted to the track using Yak Attack T Bolts. Here is the finished product.