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Decided to take the kayaks up with me while I attended the Fred Hall show up in Long Beach, this past weekend. Plan was to fish LA Harbor in the morning, then head off to Fred Hall for the rest of the afternoon. I was excited at the prospect of fishing new waters, especially one that has pumped out nice sized halibut! Friday afternoon, I loaded the kayaks up and we hit the road.

Bright and early the next morning, we launched out of Cabrillo Beach Boat launch.  I placed myself in the Hi seat position of my Cuda 14, which gave for a comfortable session throughout!

Flat, calm conditions for the morning. Tides were expected to be outgoing until 10ish. This being my first time here, I had a plan to hit the bait barge, pick up some bait, then drift outwards to the mouth of the harbor with the tides. Following the channel ledges and the submerged dike, in hopes of some big fish.  Ended the day with a nice legal sand bass, 1 legal/3 short halibut, and tons of lizards. The infamous “sewer” provided a nice change of pace and scenery, and hope to fish it again! Some pics of my session: