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When the fish are biting like crazy, folks never worry about how comfortable their kayak seat is. Let the fishing be less than expected and you better believe an uncomfortable seat will be a factor. A paddlers back, shoulder and tail end will start to tell a different story after a long fishless day. The Jackson Kayak Elite seat took care of most of my comfort issues and I wasn’t sure I really needed it when they released the new lumbar pad.
Since getting the new lumbar pad I have been on 3 different adventures that required sun up to sun down paddling. Some of those fishing adventures have been the toughest I have ever been on fishing wise. On the last trip I spent 4 hours before I got my first contact with a fish. I thought that was a rough day, but if I had known what the next 3 days held I would have celebrated that fish a little more.
Cold temps, muddy water and an unfamiliar area took their toll on my fishing prowess last week. I changed lures tactics and did everything I know to do and only caught 3 trout on one day. The other 2 were long, cold, wind beaten, fish-less days. I may have been physically beat and heartbroken over the lack of fish but I wasn’t sore or uncomfortable in the least thanks to my Elite seat and the lumbar support.
I really like the fact that it isn’t set in one place but that I can move it up and down and customize it to my back depending on how I am sitting or whatever PFD I may be wearing. I would recommend it to any paddler that has ever had a comfort issue and especially anyone that is getting a little grey in the beard like I am. They can be purchased from the Jackson site and fit any Elite seat so if you have an older kayak that needs lumbar support you are good to go. I am not sure how much it weighs, but take it from my back, it is worth its weight in gold!