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Why do I live in Rock Island, TN…  This is a very easy question for me to answer!

The Whitewater is amazing!  The Fishing is amazing! The beauty of the landscape is breathtaking.   One of the most beautiful places in the World!

What will you see if you find yourself arriving at the “unincorporated” township of Rock Island?     The town itself is only about 200 people strong, with the cornerstone being “Bino’s” market and restaurant.   Rock Island Market is the official name, but be all know it as “Bino’s” which is the name of the owner.

You’ll pass the old Jackson Kayak factory on the way… a 735 square foot building that has been dressed up nicely and became the “Rock Island Center” which is a salon and a soon to be coffee shop, thanks to Paul Griffin.    A few more little shops make up the town, combined with some nice little homes, lots of farms, horses, cows,  and the occasional trailer.

The thing that makes Rock Island special is the Caney Fork River and its tributaries.    Twin Falls is, by itself, is worth the trip to see…

Twin Falls

I purchased 20 acres in 2002 after deciding that this is my favorite place in the world to hang my hat.    Low cost of living was a factor as well, but the land, the people, the whitewater and the fishing are all top notch…  Fishing- Small Mouth, Large Mouth, Walleye, and Muskie!     Wave surfing, hole surfing, class 5, and waterfalls!!

Fishing is unreal!


Of course, my description wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t tell you about our favorite restaurant- The Foglight Foodhouse.   It is .5 miles down the street, next to Clay Wright’s house (yes, I have a good friend, kayaker, and team member on the same street with one other house!)

Edward- the Main Man at Foglight!

Here are two videos to see more of Rock Island in Action!


Look at a round trip view of Rock Island whitewater- unique and amazing, and Beautiful!



Have I told y0u lately how much I love where I live?   I hope you can visit sometime!!