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Buddies in 1999 on Zambezi

Steve Fisher showed up at my house last night to paddle, pick up some boats, and go fishing in his new Green Hornet Coosa or Cuda 14.    I happened to have found some Archives from my “pre-Jackson Kayak” blogspot.    The first entry was my poem, titled, “My Friends” which was a wonderful thing to find for me.   Great to see that I am friends with all of them still.    Yuk Yuk passed on, but everyone else is kicking away and doing awesome stuff.   Steve was quite impressed to see his name in it from 13 years ago…  Meanwhile- After Reading check out Steve’s recent blog about joining Team JK… cool video too…


October 23rd, 2001

I’m very competitive, you see,
Want to be my friend, just challenge me.
Steve Fisher may be act a little rough,
But I really like people who have never had enough.
The fun never ends when I find someone not afraid,
So I rejoice that I have found Jay Kincaid.
6am call to go paddling, Oh my gosh,
Never a problem for David Macintosh.
Although conditions may suck,
Everyday is a good one with Yuk-Yuk.
No question he will challenge me,
So I can’t wait to play with Jimmy B.
I’ve lost every wrestling match12 to zero,
So yes, Jessie Shimrock and Marc Lyle are my heroes.
The RV lifestyle, No, I wouldn’t be here,
If it weren’t for my good friend, Dan Gavere.
Out of control and hard to handle,
Yes, he’s one of my favorites, a true blue, Dan Campbell.
A friend to the end, not a snake in the grass,
Corran Addisson, nuclear powered, one loving bad ass.
I love any man who will never complain,
So let’s hit the river, and get it on Shane!
Some friends age and become perfect like a good bottle of wine,
Such is my feeling for the coolest kraut, Arndt Schaeflein.
Many of my friends are rolling stones,
Yet one is pure bedrock.
Deeper than the oceans, sincere to the bones,
His name is Danny Stock.
So who is the biggest challenge of all?
My best friend down the hall.
She’s strong and sprite, but needs handled with care,
My best friend who is always there.
Kristine Jackson, friend for life.
I’ve got a perfect friend in my wife.
She says she has three kids, in age I am ten,
So I’m blessed to have friends in my children.
Yes you can see us on the river paddling together,
Three friends forever, in any weather.


Here is Steve’s blog post about joining JK