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Four good buddies and I headed out on Sunday to explore new territory.

Spent all week staring at google map pics and swell forecasts and had plans A, B, C and D prepared to handle any weather condition scenario…ended up doing none of the above. 😉

Launched from a brand new spot and paddled a few miles to an area that none of us had ever dove. The Cuda14 handled the mixed swell and windchop like a champ.

Surge and current were strong underwater, but at the first spot we stopped we ALL saw sheephead! I shot one that Harold told me was by his kayak, Nelson shot two, there was a sighting of a big old male, and Kris got a beautiful FAT vermillion rockfish! 8)

Lack of kelp and strong current made finding reefs hard even with the FishFinder, but we spot hopped and explored and I managed to get two more sheep on the stringer including a nice solid 24 inch female sheephead, my biggest so far this year, and I got her with a nice shot right in the face. 😀

Also saw a cool octopus in a vertical crack, but no chance of getting him so showed fuzz and we let him be. 🙂

Back at the launch site the swell had picked up and made landing exciting. Nelson took a spill but made it in safe and sound. 🙂

One nice celebratory beer at the beach for each of us, dinner at Chipotle on the way home with Nelson and Harold, and back to the house in time for Walking Dead. 8)

Always awesome to explore new places and dive with good friends!! Thanks fellas for sharing the adventure with me!! 🙂

Looking forward to next time already!!

Little vid and a few pics.