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As most of you know Jackson’s newest creek boat is the Karma, which I might add is a sweet boat. Hint the name of the title. I have recently bought my second Karma and I am still in love. I have never found a boat that works so well for me. This is the first boat I had to have twice, and my dad has even been converted. Both of us coming from the Villain and before that the Rocker. He thinks it is the best boat Jackson has came out with yet, he loves the chines along with how well he can control it and the speed he has going in and out of rapids.

I would have to agree with him the speed and control of this boat is way better than any of their other boats along with how comfortable the boat is. And I love to race this boat which is why I am getting the Karma Unlimited which is the long boat version of the Karma. You can expect a full review on that boat when it is released hopefully this month. When my second Karma came, sadly the river levels were low so I had to wait a week before I could take it out, but it was well worth the wait. My Dad and I went out on the Kalama for some double duo action on a cold, but sunny day. It was a low river day but that gave me enough rocks to boot off of to get my Karma nice and scratched up for the season to come. The day also reminded me that not only how great the boat was but how great the river was. It had been awhile since my Dad and I had ran the Kalama which is our home run for us being so close and all. But that day reminded me of all the fun features and how beautiful the tributaries and river is. I hope you all check out a Karma and you might be converted into enjoying some sweet, sweet Karma. See you on the river!

-Jeffery “The Maverick” Steehler