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Well, another year is in the books…The NPFF is over and it was an awesome event! For 32 years now the National Paddling Film Festival has been raising funds for American Whitewater, Friends of the Cheat, West Virginia Rivers Coalition and Ecuadorian Rivers Institute and all with a 100% grassroots effort. It is completely volunteer-run event and so far it has raised over $124,000.00, what an accomplishment!

Films are not the only thing to do at the festival, there is the “Non-NPFF Race” on the Elkhorn River, Chili Cook-off, Raffles and Door Prizes as well as the Home Brew Tastings. While I didn’t participate in the Non-NPFF Race, we still paddled the Elkhorn River. The levels were definitely up on Saturday with the river running just under 4000 was a blast. Big water for the Elk with tons of wave trains, I’ve never paddled it at that level but I certainly will again!

If you’ve never had the chance to check out this event I highly suggest it…it was a great time and all proceeds go to the fundraising effort…a win, win for all!

Friday’s Films Included:
Outtasight- Harry Carr
Chilean Adventures: The Promise Land- Taylor Cofer
Rock Gradient and Water- Colin Hunt
Demshitz Grand Canyon- Dave Fusilli
Go Kayaking- Sam Ovett
On Our Own- Quebec Connection 2013 Season Highlights- Emerick Blanchette
Pyranha Promo 2013- Paul Butler
All Roads Lead to the PNW Webisode #2- Katrina Van Wijk & Eric Galey
Currents: Rio Alseseca- Mike McKay
Solo Sessions- Daniel Patrinellis
A Year in Review Webisode #4-Katrina Van Wijk & Erin Galey
Swimmers Anonymous Presents Swim of the Year: Winners Real-Swimmers Anonymous
Stouts & Sisterhood Webisode #3- Katrina Van Wijk & Erin Galey
It’s Always Sunny in Elkhorn City- Brandon Jett
Sunbeam Dreams and the Carolyn Jane- Jason Irwin
Made in Canada- Mike McKay
Alone on the River- PION stephane
Weekend Warriors- Erin Savage

Saturday’s Films Included:
Cheoah- Nathan Scally
Variables- Paul Butler
Rainy Southeast Weekend- Ryan McAvoy
Metlako Falls- Seth Burdette
Lower Gauley (Gauley Fest 2013)- Nathan Scally
Paddling Plastic Objects on Moist to Mostly Wet Rocks- Cameron Hall
Handling Emergency Situations- Simon Willis for Sunart Media
Powell to Powell: Portraits of the Upper Colorado- Will Stauffer-Norris
Autumn Falls-Ross Allen
$oul Rich Part One- BC Provides- Paul Butler
$oul Rich Part Two- Paul Butler
Factors- Emerick Blanchette
Hurricane Sandy- Seth Burdette
Leap of Faith- Seth Burdette
Grapefruit, Tacos, Tequila & Whitewater- Daniel Fylan-Smith
Nepal- Spalding Hurst
Tetas Profundas Webisode #1- Katrina Van Wijk & Erin Galey
Tellico River Ledges- Brandon Jett
Nine Rivers- David Hartman, Mat Perpick, Adam Biehler
Beater Sessions Vol.1 (Drink your Booties)- Daniel Patrinellis
High Atlas Kayaking-Hugo Clouzeau
Walled In- Ben Stookesberry
The Puma-Evan Garcia