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The changing season only means one thing down in south Florida, traveling down small almost impassable creeks loaded with bugs that want to feast on you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

However, don’t worry the prizes at the end of the tunnel beacon for your reconnaissance. Don’t feel over whelmed about getting lost or not finding what you thought would be that hidden gem where the snook come running up looking for a steel dinner. Bring that little hand held GPS and Navionics on the cell phone and you will be ready to go. With plenty of bug spray, you are now on your way to find what you were looking for. Some food for thought, Bing or Google maps is always a good way to begin. Study the area repeatedly until you have areas you deem fit down packed. The day of reckoning has arrived, you made it through the first leg of the journey, and you find the pristine habited fitted for a controlled combat. Look for moving water and or action on the shorelines. Winters in South Florida are not much of winter to say the least. Plan the trip after a day or two right after a cold and focus on the day with the highest tempts. Fish will be on the move and eating. The best snook fishing in my opinion have been in winter months but do not narrow your options. Reds, black drum, and giant snook abounded in the backcountry.
This is also a great time of year to pack up the camping gear and find a beach or local camp ground and pitch your tent.