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“When Kathleen and I started collaborating, I wasn’t sure what was happening,” McEntire says. “I really thought we were going to make a punk record and my dreams were going to come true… Hence I tried taking it back to GoogleStore (UK), but because I was 1 week outside a 2 yr warranty they refused to help and said “go to the manufacturer LG”. I wasn claiming under warranty under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, my contract is with them and so they are responsible for helping me sort it out since:This is an inherent manufacturer fault (I could post thousands of links illustrating the problem including this class action lawsuit/arbitration, and I have not modified or damaged the phone).Also from my research, the fault could have been know by LG as early as 2015, thus the product could have been sold with this known fault.The product has not lasted a reasonable length of time (2 years 1week my old phone has lasted 6 years and counting)Has anyone had any joy getting a refund/repair/replacement from GoogleStore, UK following a bootloop problem?Your contract is with them if they also provide the service. If it outside the Google warranty, your hope is with LG.That said, I got my old 6p replaced by Google at 18 months (in NA my warranty is only 1 year) and they sent me a Pixel XL.What phone lasted you 6 years? Devices are more and more temporary in their construction to maximize battery and performance while minimizing cost.You can probably try to fight it until you bluebin the face but I might be easier for your stress levels to bite the bullet and get a replacement at your own cost, maybe a life lesson learned to avoid LG, if that where you place the blame..

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