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Kayak Best Bassin’ Baits
Big bass are wary and will snub anything that looks or sounds phony. The mere fact that they can be inquisitive doesn’t mean they will inhale just anything that swims by. Two main qualities of any artificial lure are attracting qualities and triggering qualities. The attracting qualities seem to appeal to the fisherman more than anything else. Bright color or a highly realistic paint scheme has many folks ready to “add it to the cart”. Attracting qualities are large sizes, bright colors; noise making capabilities and mechanical motions, triggering qualities which are much more important are overlooked because they are subtle. They consist of natural colors, easily swallowed shapes, silent and random swimming motions. Other aspects of lure choice that are critical are the ability to be presented (retrieved) in a vertical AND horizontal fashion. Almost everything a bass eats has the ability to move this way.

Soft plastic worms, craws, tubes and jigs could well be the best category of lures to help you land the bass of a lifetime. Again in referencing the triggering qualities this group is loaded with them. They appear easy to swallow, can be silent and the action is random and provided by the angler along with the speed of the lure which is the most critical factor to tempting a big bass into striking any bait. Feel baits can be a little more difficult to master but the payoff is the possibility to always being in position to taking a true trophy. The single hook makes the hook set more sure and reduces the possibilities of the fish throwing the bait. The slow retrieve entices fish of all sizes but in the case of the jig gives the illusion of crawfish (bass’ all-time favorite food) moving along slowly making it easy to catch. Crawfish are high energy food. The addition of a trailer also creates a wide variety of looks and colors.

My preference for weigh size and jig weight is again a 3/8 ounce. Using the same weight spinner, jig, worm weight and any other lure creates an identical feel and casting consistency. When you pick up another rod with the same weight lure you can cast more accurately.
Artificial baits heavily laden with triggering qualities are the ticket to more and bigger bass catches. Slime that Yak!