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This local run, 15 minutes from my house, is called the Souadabscook. We just call it the Sow.

It’s mostly class II, III with a class IV falls near the end of the regular run. At one time there was a steep, stout fish ladder below the falls that some people would attempt to navigate in the longboats of the early 90’s. I witnessed one of these attempts, it consisted of an ugly piton and a folded up C-1. Plain ugly to watch.

Troy Francis was gracious to guide me down this stream in my 2nd year of kayaking. Looking back I appreciate the time he set aside showing me the lines. He was a solid C-1 paddler, safety conscious and strong enough to haul me to shore if needed. Back then it was needed often! I was only beginning to figuire out reading and running whitewater.

Now, this stream is a go to spot for me when it runs high enough. There were times when I would run it at any level, but now I wait for the water to get up to a medium level. When it gets medium high, which isn’t too often lately, there is fun to be had on the run in freestyle boats.

A bit higher than that and the snowmobile bridge comes into play. It seems like forever since I have been able to park and play this nugget. Park in a nice neighborhood , walk down through the forest and seal launch into the stream. Duck under the bridge and you are on the wave. A sweet apex wave, with a little foam and two side eddy’s make for a really good wave.

It is great to think about trying new tricks here, or just practice everything you can do already. Pete and I, Wyatt and Ben put in sessions here for days and days. What a good time. This wave isn’t fast or steep, it doesn’t have the holding power for snappy verticle moves, but it is a blast none the less. This is the wave to shake out the winters blues and knock out the cobwebs from 5 months off non-boating. It helps you get the edge and balance back, and maybe visualize a new move you haven’t got yet.

Or just surf, carve, huck an end and smile. It’s been years since I’ve been here at a prime level. It’s worth the wait…………………