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I got my Jackson Cuda 12 for my 25th birthday just last month and have already been blessed with the catch of a lifetime on my third trip out in my new kayak. My biggest and most exciting catch so far came in my new JK, and when I hooked into this monster, all I could do was hold on! The fish took me for a ride and tried to dump me in the river. I nearly lost my rod at the moment it surfaced and then made a quick dash straight sideways from the front of the kayak! This powerful paddlefish towed me around a little longer before she gave me chance to reel her in. Too heavy to even hold her head up a little with my tired arms, I got my shots with this fish and released her back into the river. This has been my most memorable moment in a kayak and I am looking forward to more great adventures to come in my JK! Thank you Jackson Kayak!