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Here are a few tips for getting some great video and photos  of fishing out of your Jackson Kayak Fishing Boats using GoPro Cameras.    I have done a ton of filming over the past few years using a variety of methods.   I prefer to keep the filming as low impact on my fishing as possible, to stay true to the reason I am out there…. to fish, catch fish, and have fun.

However, having great video and photos from your trips adds to the fun factor and you’ll appreciate it down the road even more.    Here are my recommendations.


1.  Two cameras are better than 1- if you can do it, get two GoPro Hero 3+ cameras.

2. Buy a “Jaws Mount“, a “Chesty Mount”, and extra “Sticky mounts” total about $100.

3. Learn to use the very basic camera operations


Have 3 or 4 camera angles you can use and change to quickly by having mounts set up in advance.

Jaws mount can clip anywhere on kayak

Chesty you can wear or take off at any time

Sticky mounts can be put anywhere on the kayak as well as the paddle blade

Jackson Kayak fishing boats come with a slider mount and lots of “inserts” in the kayak for changing angles.


Basic rules:  have one shot aiming at you and one shot looking down the line.   this gives you both perspectives…

Here is a quick video I made- in one take, no audio editing, just overlaid my other angle on to it from my trip to florida.    total time to edit- 30 minutes…


Here is a more elaborate video I made with more angles- including the “paddle” angle where you put a mount on your paddle blade and use it for underwater shots.


I hope this helps!!

have fun, catch fish, and show off your video and photos!