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The old saying “All good things are worth the wait” has been reiterated for Jamison Evans this week!!  Jamison was one of two lucky people who won a Jackson Kayak of their choice at Gauley Fest this past year.  He decided to choice to wait for the production model Karma Unlimited after seeing the long boat prototype kayak at the festival.

Well after patiently waiting for several months I had the personal pleasure of delivering the Karma Unlimited to Jamison after returning from a weekend trip to the JK factory and Rock Island for the JK Team Summit, which was awesome!  Jamison was extremely stoked and he even brought his whole family to my house to pick-up his new boat to share in the moment he had been waiting for…  Baby daughter, Elizabeth, and wife, Laura, watched Jamison tear into the plastic covering his new boat as if he was opening the best Christmas Present ever!!

Baby Elizabeth got to jump into the cockpit first and she approved!  She also enjoyed the Jake Smiley Sponge that came with the boat by chasing it around my driveway! J

Now Jamison is ready to get the Karma UL out on the water and GO FAST!!